How many times it has happened that a user buys a brand new PC or Laptop and soon find it clogged with all sorts of programs, applications and unwanted services suffocating the resources at the disposal of your CPU.

Sometimes it is because of the indiscriminate installation  / de-installation of all the so called latest-and-most-useful utilities we come across. Sometimes it is caused by the unwanted trialware, which come pre-installed on a brand new PC. Sometimes it is because of the broken registry entries in your PC. Sometimes it is because of the excessive fragmentation of the hard disks caused by regular use of the PC. There are many causes.

auslogic2How to Optimize and Speed Up your PC

There are many solutions. In fact we have earlier written a 17 post series on How to Speed up your Windows.

But with the constant interaction of the readers and visitors of this blog, I am sure that manual attempts of optimization of PC Speed and performance sometimes does not give the most optimum results. If you are really serious about the optimization of your PC, then you need some professional software, which can keep a watch on all aspects of your PC, which cause its performance to slow down including the services running, the fragmentation status, the registry optimization and many others.

Which software can best Optimize and Speed Up my PC

Auslogics BoostSpeed is one such software, which can speed up your computer by cleaning up and defragmenting disks and the Registry, removing bloated software, and applying performance tweaks. it’s a one-stop program to keep your computer healthy and error-free, plus get rid of most annoyances. Auslogics BoostSpeed provides comprehensive system maintenance and has an intuitive interface. It combines various optimization and security utilities that can speed up  even a fast new computer and protect your privacy.

Auslogics BoostSpeed, is brought to you by Auslogics Software, a reputed vendor specializing in personal computer optimization and  located in Sydney New South Wales, Australia.

Three Features, which I liked most about Auslogics BoostSpeed

Among the various useful features, I would like to mention four of them specially.

Support for all Popular Browsers: The latest version BoostSpeed 4.2 is the first optimization software that fully supports the new Google Chrome browser, as well as Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, Opera, and Safari for Windows unlike other similar programs.

The Service Manager: A cool tool from Auslogics that makes managing Windows services safe and easy even for novice users.Off course, you can use the Windows Service Manager (Just open by typing <msconfig> in the “Run” Window through your “Start” menu) to do the same work, but the simplicity with provided by Ausloginc is great.

Auslogics Disk Defrag: The latest version of this software includes a console utility, which makes it possible to defragment disks from the command line. This neat feature is especially handy for companies, because now they will be able to remotely defragment their servers and workstations.

Auslogics Registry Defrag: it is now the safest Registry defragmenter out there, because it defragments the Registry on computer reboot, before all other applications load. Another great improvement is that now it doesn’t lock the system to defrag.

Here is what the company claims about Auslogics BoostSpeed

We tested BoostSpeed on a 2-year old notebook to see how the program can speed up a computer. Tests with WinBench software show 10%-100% improvement to an overall computer performance after all the clean up has been done (click on the picture to see the results).

As you can see, Internet speed was greatly increased using several techniques. Memory usage, computer start up and shutdown speed, opening a Word document – all went noticeably faster than before optimization. Results vary on different computers and some people report “unbelievable results”, while others simply use the program for daily computer maintenance.

Surely, a value addition for the people who love performance.

You can download Auslogics BoostSpeed here: Download Auslogics BoostSpeed