series This post is part of the 17 Tips Series on How to Make Windows Run Faster.

Windows XP has a very neat Background. This image is named as Bliss, but it consumes more than 1 mb of space and takes lot of time to load. This loading time becomes specially important during the initial boot up period, when there is lot of pressure on the RAM usage and CPU usage. At that moment, every small deduction in the resource utilization ultimately adds up to speed up XP.

If you are more of the type of people who will compromise the looks for the performance, then this tip is for you. You can make your Windows XP run faster just by replacing or removing the background image.

Follow these simple steps, which will setup a plain colored background on your Windows.

  • Right click anywhere on the desktop.
  • Select Properties.
  • Click on the Desktop tab.
  • In the Background window select None.
  • Save your settings by clicking OK.

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