Make Windows Run Faster This post is part of the 17 Tips Series on How to Make Windows Run Faster.

Windows is a complex system. It has been designed to suite many individual needs. Some of its features and services are not used by the common users, but are a drain on important system resources. There are many other services, which have resulted over a period of your use but are not in use at present. It is better to disable them all. This is one of the most important tasks, when you seek to improve the performance of Windows and run it faster.

How to disable Windows services to run Windows faster


A few simple steps…

  1. Right click on My Computer.
  2. Click on Manage
  3. Click on Services and Applications
  4. Select Services / Standard tab
  5. Here you will find a lot of services, which are currently enabled on your Windows. you can selectively choose and disable the services, which you are not using. The steps are as follows.
  • double-click on the service name to open the Properties window
  • select the General tab
  • change the Startup type in the dropdown list
  • select the Service status to Start or Stop the service

If you find it confusing to choose the services, which you want to disable, I would suggest you to consider disabling following services to make Windows faster.

  • Application Management
  • Clipbook
  • Computer Browser
  • Error Reporting Service
  • HID Input Service
  • Indexing Service
  • Net Logon
  • NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
  • Network Location Awareness (NLA)
  • Network Provisioning Service
  • Portable Media Serial Number Service
  • QoS RSVP
  • Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
  • Remote Registry
  • Secondary Logon (If you only have one user on your computer)
  • TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service
  • Telnet
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply
  • WebClient
  • Windows Time
  • WMI Performance Adapter

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