Make Windows Run Faster This post is part of the 17 Tips Series on How to Make Windows Run Faster.

If you want to make Windows Run faster, it is important extremely important that you stick to a regular maintenance schedule and also shut down the overhead services, which make a drain on the system resources. One such measure is to disable the different sounds Windows creates for different actions.

Windows has the ability to assign sounds to virtually any action and we’re all familiar with the default sounds for startup, shutdown, and errors. Any of these sounds can be turned off or modified as per your personal preferences. However, if you want to optimize Windows speed, then it is better to disable all the sounds. If you don’t want to disable all the sounds, then you can do that selectively for some tasks of your choice also.

How to Disable Sounds to Make Windows Run Faster

Few simple steps…

  • Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  • Open Sound and Audio Devices folder.
  • Click on Properties.
  • Select the sound, which you want to disable and select None.
  • For disabling all the sounds, click the down arrow under Sound Scheme and select No Sounds and then click Ok.

Such small tweaks swill do a great deal in making Windows Run Faster.

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