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Passwords are the keys of your Internet Security. Web 2.0 is characterized by the development of membership websites, where the content is dynamic and user driven and for using them you have to get the membership. And with every membership, you are required to maintain yet another set of username and password.

With so many usernames and passwords to remember, it becomes natural that you start compromising on the security of your passwords and start repeating them for different websites. Or you start making weak passwords like names of spouse, date of births, zip codes, telephone numbers, etc. etc. And if you do not do any of these two things, you start trusting your browser, and store your login and passwords in your browser.

I must say, all of these three situations are dangerous and jeopardize your online security.

So what is the solution

The solution lies in devising a way to manage passwords, without compromising on the strength of the passwords.

We will let you know about how to create strong passwords easily in a different article. We will also let you know how to manage your passwords easily. There are useful tools like Roboform for that (See the video below to understand how Roboform works). In this post we just wanted to let you know about a useful tool, which allows you to check the strength of your passwords.

After you have created a password, you can easily check about its strength on the Microsoft’s Password Strength Checker. You can trust Microsoft not storing your password in any manner. When you are absolutely sure about your password strength, then only you start using it.

However, after extensive trial of this tool, I am not completely satisfied with the algorithm. It heavily relies on the use of different types of characters in the passwords. For instance, I tried to make a 40 character password, with all lower case letters, and it continued to tell me it is a weak password. Yes I know that using only lowercase letters in a password is not a good idea, but the 40 character length should have prompted it to give it at least a medium grade.

But still a useful tool, and I recommend it.

Remember, your Internet Security is too precious and spending a few moments here and there to fortify your online security, is better than repenting later.

Video shows how Roboform Works

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