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Emails today are the lifeline of online communication. You cannot imagine your life without emails.

But every good thing comes with bad patches. Emails are no exception. And that one one BAD thing about Emails is “Spam”. They make your life more complex, they eat up your precious online time, they open your Internet Security and bring online threats to your desktop.

While helping people tightening their Internet Security, I have seen many people replying to the spam emails with messages like “Do Not Disturb me in future”. Many spam emails contain links to “Unsubscribe” or “Remove Me” links. People click on them thinking that they will be removed from the mailing list and no more spam will come to their Inbox in future.

But this is all misconception.

Never click anywhere in a Spam email. Never.

If you click on a “Remove Me” button, this is sure way to tell the spammer that your email address is a valid one. You open your emails and are vulnerable enough to read them and naive enough to click on a link contained. Simply said, you are a perfect target for sending more spams with more serious threats.

You are a goldmine for them. Expect to get some more unwanted “gifts” from them.

Remember, Never Opt-out of lists you did not Opt-in to in the first place.

We encourage you to go through all the Tips on Internet Security. Some of these tips are quite common, but often ignored by most computer users.

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