This is part of a series of everyday Tips for your Internet Security.

URLs are the pathways of the Internet World. Internet happens to be what it is because of URLs. They take you from place to place, from website to website. And this very fact offers the biggest threat to your Internet Security.

If URLs are the gateways to great websites with heaps of information, they are also lead to the bad places and websites, which may cause havoc to the PCs and systems of their visitors. It is only you, who has to decide where you want to go. Be rational, be calm and develop a habit of taking a hard look at the destination before clicking on any URL.

Believe me, this one habit will be worth more than hundreds of dollars you might throw in purchasing the best of the Internet Security Software available today. Remember, prevention is better than cure, and it is true here also.

How to check the destination of a URL

It is so easy that I sometimes wonder why people do not use it. Just enable the Status Bar on your favorite browser (most probably it will already enabled because default is ON) and make it a habit to keep looking on the bottom left corner of your browser.


Whenever, you are about to click on any hyperlink on any webpage or email, make it a habit to place your mouse on the hyperlink and look at the status bar. The status bar will tell you the destination of the URL. Remember, this may be different from what is being shown on the webpage.

For instance, place your mouse on the following link.

And look in the Status Bar.

If you click on it, you will be taken to Yahoo homepage, and not Google homepage.

This simple trick is used by millions of the phishing attempts daily, and you will be surprised to know that many of the them succeed, just because many of us do not care to have a look at the Status Bar.

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