This is part of a series of everyday Tips for your Internet Security.

Keyloggers are one of the biggest threats to your Online Privacy. They just sit quietly in your system, watch your activities as you type, and send that info to a remote administrator. You never know, when all your credit card numbers, bank passwords, email accounts are now within the hands of a fraudster.

How to avoid Keyloggers

There are different algorithms and different levels at which Keyloggers operate. And there is no fool proof security against all types of Keyloggers. But here we will introduce you to a simple but highy useful tool, which is effective against many sorts of Keylogging activities.

Welcome to KeyScrambler.

It is a Browser extension, which scrambles / encrypt all your keystrokes, when you enter anything on a web-form on a website. Thus it protects you from any sniffing activity in-between.

KeyScrambler Personal: The anti-keylogging browser addon protects IE, Firefox, Flock against keyloggers. It encrypts everything you type into a web page, including logins, account numbers, addresses, email messages, and more. Absolutely Free.

If you are a firefox user, you can download it from the official Firefox addon site. In case you are using any other browser like IE or FLock, you can download it from the develop site.

See this small video below to understand How Keyscrambler operates.

We encourage you to go through all the Tips on Internet Security. Some of these tips are quite common, but often ignored by most computer users.

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