This is part of a series of everyday Tips for your Internet Security.

Microsoft Outlook and many other web-based email programs have a Preview Pane feature, which shows you the contents of an email just by clicking (selecting) an email. This offers a lot of convenience as you can quickly browse through the contents of the mail before actually opening it.

But it offers a big security risk too.

Seeing the preview is as good as opening the email. Many of today’s email viruses will run as soon as the email is opened without you double-clicking on an attachment or anything. It’s kind of like opening an envelope from your  mailbox only to find that there is some mysterious white powder in it. Once it has been opened, the damage is done.

So why to Risk your Internet Security. It is too precious to jeopardize just to for the sake of saving a few seconds.

How to Turn OFF Preview Pane

  • If you are using Outlook go to View menu > Current View > Click Customize Current View.
  • Click on Other Settings
  • In the AutoPreview group, click No AutoPreview.
  • In the Preview Pane group, uncheck Show Preview Pane.
  • Click OK.
  • If you are using any other Email Client or a web-based email service, then look for the options in your Email Settings.

We encourage you to go through all the Tips on Internet Security. Some of these tips are quite common, but often ignored by most computer users.