This is part of a series of everyday Tips for your Internet Security.

Keyloggers are a common problem of most of the PC users, who do not have a tight security. Keyloggers operate at various levels like hardware, software, shell, OS; and most of them are designed to steal your private information to pass on to a remote administrator.

Remember, Keyloggers are real dangers, which can happen to any PC, including yours, and it is a fact that a few of the most dreaded online frauds have been committed using keyloggers.

Using Onscreen Keyboards to Defeat Keyloggers

Defeating keyloggers depends upon what type of keylogger is there on your system. However, here is a simple tip, which can avoid you falling victim to many keyloggers.

Many people are unaware that MS Windows XP / Vista have a built-in onscreen Keyboard, where you can use your mouse to type the characters. You can find it in the Accessibility Options of Windows.

Now, whenever you have to enter the username and password on a site, specially your banks, paypal, ebay etc., just open the Windows Onscreen Kwyboard to type the characters. I am not saying that this method is fully protected, but this can defeat many of the keyloggers, and your vulnerabilities reduces considerably.

Finding it a hassle? But remember, your Internet Security is too valuable to risk. Each small step contribute a lot to fortify your Internet Security.