This is part of a series of everyday Tips for your Internet Security.

Emails today are the lifeline of online communication. They are not only simply a means of communication, but they are used for many websites as the login names. Google and Yahoo use the email addresses to give the access to many web applications. In such a situation, it becomes highly important that you keep secure all your email messages.

Recently Gmail has started encrypting all your email transmissions with SSL. If you have configured your Gmail accounts for encryption, you would notice that the URL is now “https://” instead of simple “http://”. This small “s” makes big difference towards your Internet Security.

How to Encrypt Gmail Messages

Just login into your Gmail account. Go to Settings, and then at the bottom of the general settings page, select the “Always use https” option, and click the Save Changes button.

See the small video below to understand the process.

We encourage you to go through all the Tips on Internet Security. Some of these tips are quite common, but often ignored by most computer users.