Instructional video (or video help) is the in-thing today.

With the rapid increase in the bandwidth availability of Internet usage, there is a sudden burst of new video applications developing these days. New services are being evolved, new software are being written. And all these require instructions for the new users.

A recent trend for making the instructions understandable is to give video help by creating instructional videos. These are the small video clippings, which are basically screen cast, and explain the procedure of using a software in real mode. These videos are very easy to grasp, as you see alive example on your computer screen.

But how to search video help.

Welcome to How Do I.

This is a neat idea, executed wonderfully, to let you do a Google video search on major video websites like YouTube etc. There is simple form, where you type your search query (for instance, type How do I create a wordpress blog), and it gives your video search results in a flash.

What is more, you can also integrate the video earch query in your blog or website, as I have done below in this post. If you really like the application, you can also add it to your sidebar. But remember to bookmark this page, before you head on to type a search query, because search results will be shown on a different page in the same window, and I want you to enjoy reading this blog more.

How do I

However, one thing I noticed. This application works like any other video search application. If you type any other query, not related to instructional videos, then also this web tool is able to give you desired results.