Searching and sharing for videos on the Internet is increasing day by day. There are countless number of websites, where you can share your videos with others. There are many websites today, which use sharing of videos as a promotional tool. They prepare some cool videos about the topics, relevant to their area of operation and upload on these video sharing websites. Relevant tags are also attached to these videos, which help the searching of these videos easy.

But from the user point of view, sometimes it becomes difficult to search videos on so many websites. Even if you are able to search them, problem comes, if you want to bookmark them, so that they can all be accessible from one point.

WorldTV is a cool search and share video facility, which allows not only to find various video websites simlutaneously for a particular topic, but also you to bookmark / store all your search entries from one common place so that you can access them and also share your favorite videos from one place.

It thus virtually helps you to create your own TV channel on the Internet. I had found some cool videos with the keyword “Google”.

I f ound a really interesting video related to Google Brain. You can also see it at my page here at