Web 2.0 is all about social networking. The characteristic of Web 2.0 is the evolution of interesting websites like digg, netscape and lots of others, where the promoters do not create the content. Instead the content is user drives. Its all about sharing the information and meeting newer people with similar interests, similar priorities and similar interests. This casual meeting sometimes evolve into great collaboration exercises.

medium2Me.dium is another such useful web tool, which works in the background of your browser and matches your surfing habits with other me.dium users. Based upon these matches, it selects the people from the web community, which have similar interests as you and thus gives you an opportunity to meet them, and share your information with them. You can send PM’s to them,, your can make them friends, you can chat online with them. The possibilities are endless.

Me.dium is available as a cool firefox addon, and recently it is also available for Internet Explorer 7 users, through IE7 addon.