Many messaging services today use SSL, the secured Service language, so as to protect the privacy of your messages. But still, most of them are prone to be easily tapped by simple web tools, which are freely available on the Internet. You messages are specially risky to be sent at the Wi Fi Hotspots.

Here enters Lockbin, a special and free web tool, which promises to deliver your message to its recipient with total secrecy.

How does it work:

You have to go to their website, write the message which you want to send and provide a code word with which the message is encrypted. Like an online financial transaction service, Lockbin uses HTTPS / SSL / Secure Sockets to communicate between browser and server.

Then it sends an email to the recipient as declaerd by you, which contains a link to the encrypted message. The recipient can click on the link and decrypt the message with the same code word, with which it was encrypted by you. Now, it is upto you to how you send that code word to the recipient. For that, you can use a telephone call, or IM, or chat or for that matter, another email.

It basically encrypts your message with a code words supplied by you and sends an email to the recipient along with a link to retrieve the message. However, the recipient can read the message only if he enters the code word, with which you had encrypted the message. Now it is upto you how you send the code word to the recipient, it can be through IM, chat, email or phone.

Simple, but still a powerful application.