How to make a Portfolio with WeeFolio

Many students, small time professionals, models, photographers, WAHM require to make their online portfolios of their work to display their skills. Many of them do not have the time, skill or money to develop a full-fledged website to showcase their skills and they are on the look out for a simple and FREE portfolio maker for it.

WeeFolio is a service, which answers your query of How to make a portfolio that is simple, easy, quick, and most importantly, FREE. This online portfolio maker is only for the total beginners. If you are on the look out for a feature rich solution or if you need to display a large catalog, then off-course this will not suit you.


SignUp is just a one minute process. You just have to have an email address and that’s it. No confirmation email to click. And you can then add list upto 10 of your creations to your online portfolio.

But remember, the service is still in its BETA and yet to be officially launched.