One of the striking feature of today’s web life is the rapid spread of social networking. Tens of new social networking websites pop up everyday, where you can share your views, information, photos, files and everything else with others. One reason of their rapid spread is that they are user driven. Content is not created by the website owners, but it is created by the users. These websites provide a platform to users for sharing their content. What does the users get in return ? They get the exposure, they get the visitors to their websites and blogs. This is a win-win situation for both the social networking website as well as the users.

Another feature of today’s web world is the increasing use of email accounts for different purposes. An email is no more a simple email account. Now it is like a passport, a gateway, a method to establish your identity on the web (refer the versatility of a Google Account). And this very fact has prompted people to carry multiple email accounts.

But all these facilities and features come at a cost. Cost in terms of pressure on memory to remember multiple username and passwords, cost in term of hopping from one website to another.

So what is the solution…?

Question is answered partly by Fuser.

Fuser is a place, where you can fuse all your email accounts as well as social networking accounts and check out the developments. Instead of hopping from one website to the other you just check in at Fuser, and you can access all your accounts here itself.

Simple, but a useful tool on the web.