Google, is the undisputed DON of today’s online world. Their ubiquitous presence is the testimony of the simplicity of their web interfaces and the utility of the wealth of information they present to Google users and that too mostly free.

But they have to collect heaps of information about you and your searching patterns, before they are able to serve you what you want. Sometimes, people get scared about the loads of information Google collects about your online behavior.

If you are not convinced, then head over to this link and sign in with your Google Account (C’mon don’t tell me you don’t have a Google Account).

You will be amazed. All the search queries, you have keyed in the past, are neatly stored in daily folders. Now you get scared, am I right. Hey, I don’t even remember what I ate yesterday in breakfast, and Google knows so much about me!

So, what to do now.

This is the data, which Google uses to serve you the customized search results. This is the data based upon which Google serves different search results, when you and me search for the same query.

Leave it as it is, if you are happy with Google, and continue the same relationship with them.

Or, alternatively, delete your web search history, stop them for future, or delete some of the shady items from your search history. Do whatever you want.