How do you like the nice reflection in the above image. I was able to create it within a matter of seconds.

This is the era of Web 2.0. A distinguishing feature of this wave is the appearance of glossy, glass like reflection in the images and the logos. Today you can find these glossy logos and symbols, on virtually every website and blog, which have been floated in last one year or so. These glossy images add a bit three dimensional appearance to the image and are liked by many.

But , How to create reflection in images

This requires a bit of workaround and knowledge of complex Image Editing software like Photoshop. I prefer Gimpshop, in place of Photoshop, just because it is free and opensource, and is capable of doing almost all of the tassk, which a heavy duty software like Photoshop can do.

However, if this sound too geek to you, there is no need to get disheartened. Just head to ReflectionMaker, which is a nice free web tool available on the Web to do the job, just for you and with the click of a mouse. No need to go through the various complex Photoshop Tutorials for this purpose.

Independent Thoughts:
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