With the ever increasing threat of phishing and hacking attempts, and the number of online usernames and passwords, it is becoming extremely difficult to manage passwords without the help of a good Password Manager. With so many passwords to remember, it is almost impossible that you can have different passwords for different websites and learn them all.

What do you do then ? Either use some common passwords for many websites, and thus compromise your online security, or use a Password Manager.

free online password manager Password Managers are both online and offline. Offline passwords appears to be safer because your private data is not stored with any third party. But they lack the flexibility and you may not be able to use them from other computers, say in your office. On the other hand, online password managers are flexible but you always are doubtful about the trust worthiness of the password managers themselves.

Clipperz, is great online password manager, which solves both the purposes. It is an online password manager utility, which is highly flexible to use and allows you to login with a single click. Clipperz has an excellent feature for firefox, when it opens a side bar in firefox, and it allows you to login and open your desired websites with a single click.

Clipperz doesn’t even requires your email for registration. The data you send to them is encrypted at the browser level itself. They even do not store your passphrase, which you require to access your Clipperz account. The best part is that their source code is available for scrutiny.

Clipperz is much more than just being an online password manager. With Clipperz, you can store all your secret PINs, CVVs, SSNs and virtually anything. Clipperz offline version also offers to access your precious and confidential data are always at hand, even if you are not online.

I liked it, simply.