Many of the websites require registration before you can use see the contents. During this registration process, you have to think of username, a password and give your email address, to which they send a confirmation link.

This whole process is time consuming sometimes very irritating and is prone to spamming. Many times, this process is useless also because many users not only give fake geographical information but also use dummy email addresses just for the registration purpose.


Here enters BugMeNot.

It is a website, which allows you to access a huge database of login and passwords maintained by them. You can use these for accessing he content of such sites for free. For this purpose you have to visit the site and enter the link where you are being asked to get registered. They will provide you the username and password.

But it is again troublesome to find time to visit this site.

So, here comes their bookmarklet.

It just sits in your browser’s bookmark toolbar. and you just have to click it from the same page, where you are being asked to get registered.

Now, this is simple, and useful. Isn’t it.