I recently came to know from Digital Musings about a brand new RSS service, named as RSSHugger.

You can visit my page to see how it looks like.

The purpose of the website is to build a community of RSS feeds, so as to derive the mutual benefit of traffic and exposure to the bloggers and the website.

As per the details mentioned in the website, every RSS submission will get a unique page created for it on RSSHugger. People can search for the blogs of their choice on this website, and if they land on your page, they will find your latest posts listed on that page.

They also have a top 100 page, which ranks the submitted blogs on the basis of number of times your page has been viewed in that month. This also is a way to drive traffic to your page.It is said on this website that they initially planned to charge a fee of $20 per submission, but right now the submission is free as long as you blog about it.

So here I am, submitting my blog to RSSHugger.