CyberBullying is one of the evils associated with the immense utility of Internet. There are lots of cases, when kids and teens have been harassed and abused for evil intentions. And parents of the children are always on the lookout of an easy way through which they can exercise a control over the access of their wards on Internet.

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There are some obvious but very important precautions, which we should encourage the kids to follow, while being online.

  • Never give out personal information, including name, address, school or employment, telephone or cell number, personal email address or pictures to someone you do not know personally.
  • Never respond to solicitations or comments that make you uncomfortable.
  • Never make arrangements to meet someone you have met online. Adults who want to meet people they have met online, should arrange to meet in a public place and with current friends.
  • Never believe everything you read in a profile, on a message board or in a chat. Often, people pretend or role–play, either for entertainment, to hide or for other ulterior motives.
  • Never submit your personal information or credit card data to an unsecured site.

ZomZom is a Freeware Parental Control Software, which bridges this gap perfectly. This Free Parental Control Download can reveal vital stats about the online presence and activities of your child. This recently launched but popular kid-safe software allows you to

  • Save url and image history.
  • Take a screen-shot of the desktop at regular intervals
  • Alert parents by email
  • Block websites or ip addresses
  • Inform parents which programs have been used
  • Inform parents which websites have been visited

So as a parent, you are fully informed and in control of what your children are doing when online.

Zamzom Control has a very user-friendly interface and does not require any specific computer knowledge. You can use the Zamzom Control anytime, as it is always available in your system tray, although I didn’t like many programs to stay memory resident in my system tray because of cluttering.

It is recommedned that you should clearify everything about this useful Free Parental Control Software Applicationto all the users of the computer and take them into confidence for obvious reasons.

Download Zamzom – Freeware Parental Control Software