I am a fan of free software Google Pack. Google Pack includes several independent softare like Google Desktop, Gtalk, Google Earth, Picasa, Google Screensavers as well other free ware software’s like PDF reader, anti-spyware etc. An interesting feature of Google Pack is its ability to automatically look for the updates and update itself. If you have not yet download Google Pack, just click the link in my side bar.

As a competition to it, Microsoft also has its own version with the name Windows Live Pack, which brings Windows Live services to your desktop. There are various services like Family Safety suite, web photo gallery, online storage service, Windows Live Writer blogging tool, and some more included in it. You can choose which services to get. The new ‘Mail’ program, which is also part of Windows Live pack, lets you connect to Hotmail and other email accounts.

I will here make a specific mention of Windows Live Writer, which is one of the most useful program, I have come across for writing my blog posts in an offline environment. There are also several useful plugins available for Live writer, which enhance your blogging experience.

Overall, a nice competition for Google Pack, but still, Google pack is a winner for me, specially with its unbeatable application like Google Earth.

Independent Thoughts:

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