Microsoft Office is the king of the Office Applications. There are no second thoughts about that.

But that doesn’t mean that they are the best on all parameters. They are the king because they were the first and therefore were able to quickly grab the market.

Today there are many free alternatives to the Microsoft Office suite, which are free also. Microsoft Office may be offering some really advanced features, which may not be utilized my most of the common users, but if you consider price also as a factor, then these free web tools will rank much higher than Microsoft Office. They offer almost all the features, which a common user may ever require. Some of them are mentioned below.

Online Office Applications

Downloadable Office Applications

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However, general users are always concerned about the compatibility issue; whether the documents created on the office suites will seemlessly be able to work with other popular office suite packs. This is the question asked by many and this is the prime reason why these excellent office suite applications have not been so popular.Windows Office Live LogoBut, if such a suite is offered by Microsoft itself, then all such concerns should come to a halt. And lo… Microsoft is going to present the Windows Live (Office Suite), just for meeting that requirement. The service is yet to go public and you can register yourself now to get informed, when it is launched