There are many forms of Internet censorship. Many a times, a corporate environment, a schools administrations or University IT department blocks the use of certain websites to enable them to restrict the use of Internet. Many a times the IT department blocks the use of chat clients like MSN and Yahoo thinking that they are a big time wasters and affect the productivity of their employees.

Besides that, there are many users, which are overly concerned about their privacy while using Internet and want to hide as many details as possible including their IP and other details.

If you are also working in such an environment and want to access blocked websites, or you want to hide your IP while browsing over Internet, then you may consider using Virtual Private Network, or VPN services. There are lots of VPN services available on Internet using different mode of operations. Some of them are free, while others are paid solution.

UltraVPN is one such Free VPN Service.

What is UltraVPN

UltraVPN is a client/server SSL VPN solution based on OpenVPN. It works by encrypting and anonymizing your network connection. You have to register first on their website and then you can download the free VPN client absolutely free. It simply sits on your system tray. Whenever you want your browsing session to be secured and encrypted, you can just right click it and choose “connect” to use this free VPN service.

Your browsing data passes through the secured servers of UltraVPN, and your privacy is protected.

Is UltraVPN Secure

There are always concerns about the sharing your private browsing data with a third party. However, UltraVPN is an open source applications, which ensures that you can be sure about the source code of the application. However, you have to generate and keep faith in them about the security of your private data, when using this useful free VPN service.

There is yet another concern about the speed of your browsing, because now there is another layer between you and your target webpage. It depends on user to user, and you are advised to keep this factor in mind while opting to use it.

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