Earlier on this blog, we have covered on how to manage Windows Process with WhatsRunning. That applications allows you to view have a detailed look on what Windows processes are running on your computer currently.

The built-in Windlws Task Manager utility in your Windows Operating System allows you to quickly see ans scan, the process and tasks currently under operation. It also allows you to kill or stop any Windows Process. But, it doesn;t allow you to temporarily suspend a windows Process.

How to Suspend, Freeze or Resume a Windows Process.

Free Process Freezer is a tiny Windows Application, which allows you to suspend Windows Process temporarily. Free Process Freezer is an easy to use free program for suspending (freezing) and resuming processes. It works similar to Windows Task Manager, but instead of terminating the process, the program allows you to suspend the problematic process and resume it later.

This program is very handy when a process is consuming lots of system resources, but you do not want to terminate it. In this case, use Free Process Freezer to suspend the process without losing any data, and resume it later whenever you wish.

[Download Free Process Freezer]