Why you need a Software Update Scan

Free Web tool for Software Update ScanToday’s PCs are loaded with lots of softwares, which require regular updating them with the latest release provided by the developer of that software application. This software updating is also important to keep you safe from the potential software vulnerabilities and threats. Programs such as anti-virus, personal firewall, and anti-spyware are great for protection, but they do not protect you from software vulnerabilities, for which you have to do a software update scan and update your programs.

But you never know, which software is now old and has a latest release available for download.

How to do a Software Update Scan

There are lots of tools available on Internet for this purpose, some free and some paid. Secunia PSI is one such FREE software update scanning tool, which helps you secure your computer from software vulnerabilities. This great web tool, also searches for the software, which have now gone dead, and lets you decide whether you want to keep it or remove it.

Overall a nice useful and FREE webtool.