How many times it had happened that a person has got a PC problem and the expert is away at some remote location. First person is trying to explain the problem on phone, but not able to explain every detail, and wishes that it would have been better if he was able to share the screens live and the expert could have seen the action live, in front of his eyes.No issues, there are not one, but many applications for screen sharing.

These are all free, and besides rectifying the PC problems remotely, they can be used for collaborative working on with your friends and colleagues. They can also be used, if you want to access files on your PC from a remote location.

So, here we go,

Screen-Sharing and Remote-Collaboration Web tools

crossloop1. CrossLoop: Full functionality, simple and clean user interface and fast. I like it. Somewhere I read that it has been included in the best 10 downloads of the year, probably by CNET, (Update courtesy PCWorld)

2. Mikogo: It uses industry-leading 256-AES end-to-end encryption and so is secure. It can be used by upto 10 persons simultaneously. Designed nicely, with a very user friendly platform.

3. TeamViewer: Full featured application. Many modes, the initiator can decide the level of sharing, whether full access or part. Data transfer is encrypted and secure.

4. Yuuguu: A useful application, for both Mac and Windows, and offers full functionalities of screen sharing, collaborative working and also remote access. It also has a chat functionality, which you can use while you are giving or taking help from somebody else. What’s more, it allows you to keep a record of all the conversation.

5. Unyte Lyte: A relatively simple web tool, which doesn’t offer any remote control feature. But a nice advantage is that you can itegrate it into your Skype client.

Besides, these screen sharing tools, there are other web tools also which give you remote access.

1. SoonR: It extends the remote access facility to your mobile also.

2. FolderShare: It supports both Windows and Mac. It si a free utility from Microsoft and with it you can share files upto 2GB in size. It has also been mentioned here.