If you are a network administrator of your company LAN and want to save the few minutes wasted in the Power On process of each individual PC on your LAN, then you can try to use the Remote Power On PC feature.

It will power on the PCs before the employees come to their seats thus saving a few minutes and increasing their productivity.

How Remote Power On Feature Works

Actually there is an option in the BIOS of most of the computer, which allows it to get a power On signal through the LAN Card / Network Adapter. When a device is shut down, its network interface card is still receiving power and keeps listening on the network for a magic packet to arrive – enabling Wake-On-LAN to do its magic!

With SolarWinds free Wake-On-LAN, powering up a remote PC is no longer an issue. When the remote network adapter hears a “Magic Packet” created for its unique MAC address, the network adapter alerts the computer to power up.

SolarWinds Wake-On-LAN is a freeware utility and you can download it from thteir site if you want to remote power on PCs on your LAN.

[Download Wake-On-LAN]