Remote Desktop Sharing

Today’s connected world has really attempted to delete the meaning of the word “distance” when it comes to online computer help. With remote desktop sharing, you can use a remote computer just like you are sitting next to it.

There are lots of ways and means to implement remote desktop sharing, but I have found that many of them require installation or tweaking important settings. There are situations, when the person sitting at the remote desktop is not so computer friendly and he struggles even to start the basic remote desktop sharing session.

The ease of usability is an important parameter to consider, when it comes to measuring the success of a desktop sharing software or application.

LogMeIn Express – The Fun, Easy and Free Remote Desktop Sharing Application

LogMeIn Express is a super easy way for starting remote desktop sharing. The person seeking to share his desktop has to download a tiny file and run it. No installation required.

Instantly, he is allotted a 12-digit code, which he can share with the support person on the email or phone. The support person has to go to the same website and enter the code. And the things are done. The remote desktop sharing session starts immediately. The session window also has a small chat window, which allows both of them to communicate freely.

And the best part is, you can share your desktop with more than one support persons at the same time. Can you see its potential to use it as screencast utility? The service is at present in Beta version. So use it at your own risk.

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