Passwords are the key to your online privacy. One of the most important reasons for the increasing cases of identity theft is the habit of computer users to use weak passwords and repeat them at several places. They do this in order to avoid hassles of generating and remembering strong passwords.

But remember, this may be a costly mistake you maybe doing.

Characteristics of Strong Passwords

You may have already found these thumb-rules at several places. But we still find them worth repeating them here.

  1. Make your passwords at least eight characters long.
  2. Contain both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  3. Contain numbers.
  4. Contain symbols, such as ` ! ” ? $ ? % ^ & * ( ) _ – + = { [ } ] : ; @ ‘ ~ # | \ < , > . ? /
  5. Not resemble any of your previous passwords.
  6. Not be your name, your friend’s or family member’s name, or your login.
  7. Not be a dictionary word or common name.

If you find yourself at loss to on how to make strong passwords, then you can use the freeware tool Random Password Generator. As the name implies, Random Password Generator is designed to create secure & random passwords that are highly difficult to crack with options to include upper, lower case letters, numbers, and punctual symbols.


  • Password Generator: It allows you to securely and easily create powerful passwords which are not easy to be cracked.
  • Password Manager: Manage your passwords and IDs with editable remark to keep your passwords safe and in order which makes it easy and convenient to manage your IDs and passwords.
  • Password Checker: A new feature that indicates how strong the created password is. It will remark the lower powered passwords to remind you improve the security and safety.
  • Privacy Protected: A password is required to access Random Password Generator to make sure that only you could access your passwords on your computer.

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