Which is the most popular web tool for web page designing.

The answer is easy Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Microsoft’s FrontPage will definitely rule the roost. There have been a plenty of other applications also, but not very promising.

compozer, free web page creation web tool

Recently, a new Mozilla based web authoring tool KompoZer has been released, which is free heir to the Mozilla Composer legacy and updated for today’s technology.

If you used Internet way back in 2003, you would remember that Mozilla used to ship the Mozilla Application Suite, which comprised of a browser, email/news client, IRC chat client, and HTML page editor. Later on, the first three components were started to get shipped as individual applications in the form of Firefox, Thunderbird, and ChatZilla. However the last component was sort of discontinued. The same platform has been used for KompeZer. It is available for download for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

For the creation of a web page in Kompozer, you don’t have to delve deep into coding etc. Web page creation is just like writing a word document; simple text inputting, copy paste, insert images and you are through. It also has a built-in FTP client and a CSS editor.

Overall, a nice free web page creator for novices.