Why You May Need an Internet Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

If you are doubtful about your ISP bills and want to monitor your Internet Bandwidth usage, in case you want to be notified about excessive Internet usage or want to check whether any suspicious activities is being carried out on your computer through virus or spyware or somebody else in your absense, or simply want to find out how slow or fast your internet connection is, then you may be in need of a good Internet Bandwidth Monitoring tool.

There are lots of monitoring software available, some are online and some are offline, some are paid while some are free. Today, we will tell you about a freeware Internet Bandwidth Monitoring Tool Download, which does the job just perfectly.

Welcome to NetWorx

NetWorx is a simple and free, yet powerful tool that helps you objectively evaluate your bandwidth situation. You can use it to collect bandwidth usage data and measure the speed of your Internet or any other mobile broadband network connection. NetWorx can help you identify possible sources of network problems, ensure that you do not exceed the bandwidth limits specified by your ISP, or track down suspicious network activity characteristic of Trojan horses and hacker attacks.

The program allows you to monitor all your network connections or a specific network connection (such as Ethernet or PPP) only. The software also features a system of highly customizable visual and sound alerts. You can set it up to alert you when the network connection is down or when some suspicious activity, such as unusually heavy data flow, occurs. It can also automatically disconnect all dialup connections and shut down the system.

freeware bandwidth monitor

The incoming and outgoing traffic is represented on a line chart and logged to a file, so that you can always view statistics about your daily, weekly and monthly bandwidth usage and dialup duration. The reports can be exported to a variety of formats, such as HTML, MS Word and Excel, for further analysis.

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