Hash Comparison – A Tool for Checking Data Integrity

A checksum or hash sum is a fixed-size datum computed from an arbitrary block of digital data for the purpose of detecting accidental errors that may have been introduced during its transmission or storage. The integrity of the data can be checked at any later time by recomputing the checksum and comparing it with the stored one. If the checksums do not match, the data was almost certainly altered (either intentionally or unintentionally).

compare hash valuesHere is one freeware tool, which allows you to calculate and compare the hash values / checksum of files.

Welcome to Hasher – The Free Has Comaprision Tool

Hasher calculates the hash/checksum for any file via drag-and-drop. It is also capable of comparing the hashes of two files dropped to the form sequentially.

Basic idea for this part of the project is to calculate hash/checksum for a file. Has a simple interface for comparing Hashes of two files dropped to the form sequentially, and it also can calculate a Hash for a string. Supported Hashes/Checksums: SHA1, MD5, CRC32, ELF.

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