If you are an individual or a small company, and require to send emails in bulk to your customers, then you would have noticed that many of these bulk emails are of routine in nature. More often than not, these are just routine bulk emails and can be automatized to a large extent without losing the personal touch required.

There are lots of bulk aut email sender software available on the Internet, but most of them are shareware and are to be purchased after a limit of use. Some of them allow you to use it for sending auto emails only for say 20-50 emails per month.

Karen’s Email II is a freeware bulk auto email sender software, which may be just perfect for you to try. With this, you can instantly notify a co-worker, friend, or others of an important meeting or event. Even send reminders to yourself. This program allows you to define several “canned” e-mail messages. Later, you can send any of those messages by just double-clicking a shortcut icon, or entering a simple command at the DOS command line.

This Power Tool also allows you to add e-mail notification to any script or macro you’ve written.

The best part is that unlike other shareware type Auto EMail Sender software, it is totally free.

[Download Karen’s Emailer II]