Free VPN Client Software

If you are looking for a free VPN Client software to establish your own VPN or peer to peer network in an encrypted secured manner over Internet, then Comodo EasyVPN may be the right choice for you.

This Free VPN software is easy to use and configure and uses 128 bit encryption giving you complete secrecy just like your own cabled LAN right on top of Internet. The features of this great VPN software are huge, just like any other paid software for establishing VPN over Internet. Just take a look at the features.

Features of Comodo EasyVPN

  • A secure instant messenger client that allows you to chat and send/receive confidential files over an encrypted communications channel
  • Remote desktop control over the computers of other users or to securely telecommute into your office computer
  • Allows colloborative working, sharing access to local servers and to to provide access to internal networks for remote workers
  • Uses industry standard technologies and protocols so no additional software or hardware reconfiguration is necessary.
  • Easy to configure


With this useful free tool, the possibilities are just unlimited; use EasyVPN to share your iTunes music, your photograph collection or even setup a multi-player gaming session.

How to use this Useful Free VPN Software

There are just five simple steps any novice computer user can follow.

  • Install the software and create an account
  • Create a network
  • Invite others to join your network
  • Joining an existing networking
  • Initiate Secure IM conversations, share files and printers or take remote desktop control of another PC

Commercial use (which is any non-personal use) of EasyVPN requires payment of a fee to Comodo prior to the use of the services.