On the various posts on this blog on Internet Security, we have been maintaining that a careful web surfing habit works a lot more towards your computer’s security from online threats than spending hundreds of bucks in buying the best and latest security software.

Just one click, one click on an infected URL is sufficient to inject the malicious code into your computer and drive it nuts. Remember, it is extremely important to pause before you click on any URL and ensure to check the URL for any malware and virus infection.

How to Check URL for Virus

There are many great utilities and browser extensions, which can check the URL for any possible malware infection and warn you beforehand. Unfortunately none of them is perfect and all of them are as good and potent as the people behind them developing the database to include the latest URL to be known as harmful.

CallingID is a useful tool for URL Checking for Virus. Using this tool for Virus checking in URL is very easy. you just have to  place your mouse over any link you received and CallingID Link Advisor will provide you with real, accurate data about the site and a straight-forward risk assessment:

  • Which site will you really visit
  • Which company stands behind the site
  • Is it safe to deal with the site
  • Are there any known risks visiting the site

CallingID seamlessly integrates with the following applications and checks URL for Virus.

  1. Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL Browser, Avant
  2. Email Clients: Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Incredimail, Eudora, Windows Mail
  3. IM Messengers: Yahoo!, ICQ, Google Talk
  4. Applications: Word, Outlook

check url for virus

Here is a nice video on CallingID.

[Download CallingID]