software-end-user-license-agreementInstallation of freeware software, downloaded from unsafe sites, is one of the important passage through which malware get access to a user’s computer. Malware writers attach their malware scripts and when the main software gets installed, these scripts also get executed and you find another hole in your security.

In many such cases, you can discover the true intentions of the software, if you care to spare a few moments to read the EULA, the End User License Agreement at the time of installation.

But, What is an EULA?

EULA, an acronym for End User License Agreement, is a legal contract between the manufacturer and/or the author and the end user of an application. The EULA details how the software can and cannot be used and any restrictions that the manufacturer imposes.

This is generally displayed by all the software at the time of installation, and you are required to agree to it before proceeding further for installation. But it is a fact, that most EULA’s are difficult to read and interpret, just because of their shear length, because of loads of technical jargons, sometimes because of the small window in which you have to scroll down and down and down, and mostly because user are in a hurry to get their hands dirty while playing with the features of the software.

Nobody cares a damn to understand the implications of the true intentions hidden behind those lines.

I cannot recommend anything to those who just do not care to read it, but for those, who understand the importance of End User License Agreements but find themselves unable to quickly go through it, there is a nice utlity called EULAlyzer, which quickly scans through the EULA, and reports you the important sections, which may need your close scrutiny.


EULAlyzer is a freeware, which you can doenload ans install on your PC. It allows you to quickly scan any EULA and checks for issues like privacy problems, potential security issues, add-ons which you never wanted to have and other related problems, and then present you a report highlighting these potential problems.

Now it up to you to read these sections carefully and decide yourself, whether you want to continue with the installation or not.

A handy and useful tool.

Visit EULAlyzer.