Domain Name Server, termed as DNS in short, are servers with a specialized task of translation (resolution) of humanly memorable domain names and hostnames into the corresponding numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the second principle Internet name space, used to identify and locate computer systems and resources on the Internet.

DNS Servers allow the Internet to go human-friendly and increase its usability. They are generally maintained by your ISP’s although there are public DNS server applications like OpenDNS and Google’s Public DNS as well.

How to Change the DNS Server IP Address Settings

You have to go deep down to your Windows settings and change the IP address settings in the TCP/IP Protocol settings of your network connection every time you want to switch your DNS Server settings. With so many useful DNS services available today, it sometimes becomes difficult to manually change them as it is also difficult to memorize them all.

There is a handy utility, which can do this job just perfectly for you.

DNSJump is a freeware utility, which memorizes upto 16 DNS Server IP Address settings and you can choose any of them to work at a given time, with just a single click. No more remembering of the DNS settings, and no more hassles of changing them.

[Download DNSJump]