Need of Arranging Multiple Windows on Desktop

If you are a power Windows user, chances are that you might be having several windows opened at the same time.

Thankfully, Windows Task Bar allows you to quickly flip through them and select the Windows quickly.

However, if you are having really lots of Windows open or if you want to work on several windows at the same time, then arranging and resizing these windows becomes a hassle.

Windows Layout Manager (WiLMa) – The Correct Option

arrange multiple desktop windowsThere is a freeware tool, developed initially by Stefan Didak for his personal use, which allows you to arrange multiple windows in style. The Window Layout Manager is a small 500K application, written in C# and using The .NET framework 2.0 and higher, using a lot of imports from user32.dll and avoids any unsafe code.

But don’t get intimidated by all this. This tool is surprisingly easy to use, specially in case you are using multiple monitors with a single machine.You can add, edit, remove, and manage all windows layouts from the main window. When minimized it sits in the system tray from where you can access all layouts.

[Download Windows Layout Manager (WiLMA)]