Imagine these situations…

  • Are you faced with the problem of blocking your favorite websites by your Government, ISP, your company or your college LAN administration?
  • Do you want to hide your personal data from hackers and spying eyes, while you surf from a public wifi spot?
  • Are you concerned that your network administrator or your company’s IT department might be spying on where you go on Internet, what you send by emails and what you chat while on IM?

If yes, then you might consider to use some Free Web VPN Software, which might protect your anonymity and privacy from spying eyes.

free-web-vpnAlonWeb is one such software, which ou can down FREE and install on your system, with a few clicks. Alonweb is just an OpenVPN server, based upon the highly popular OpenVPN platform. You just have to create an account with them and start having fun.

But remember, this useful Free WEb VPN service is free only with a 1000MB per month bandwitdh restriction. This seems just enough for simple browsing the web on a pers onal basis. If you want to go beyond that and use it for downloading your favorite songs, video etc., then you will have to go for their paid version.

Visit Alonweb.