online scanner A fool-proof Internet Security is always desirable, but actually speaking, it is never achievable. Howsoever smart Internet Security Tools you use, you can never be confident about the your security, because every day, newer vulnerabilities are discovered and exploits are developed.

In general, I have made it a practice to rely on one dependable Internet Security Tool for the Real Time protection, and I occasionally use some online Malware Scanners to scan my system. It is always safer to take a second opinion a dependable tool, because none of the tool is perfect, and can never be perfect. It is a constantly evolving system. Better security tools and being developed and with them malware artists are developing more lethal and smart malware.

There are many great Online File Scanners for Malware and Virus. The merits and demerits of using a Free Online Malware Scanner are…


  • Fast and Easy to use : Generally speaking, these online scanners are lean and thin, and so fast and easy.
  • Always up to date: You do not have to worry about updating them regularly. They are always up-to-date with latest threat signatures and  definitions.


  • Less Options and Features: They generally lack the options and features provided by their full licensed versions.
  • No Malware Removal: Generally these scanners just provide the scanning, but do not remove the malware.

6 Great Free Online Malware and Virus Scanners