We have earlier covered a few articles in Windows Processes like Process Hacker, WhatsRunning, XP-AntSpy and Process Freezer. These useful applications allowed you to exercise greater control and information on the Windows processes and services running on your computer in the background.

However, one of the basic task you have to do while dealing with the Windows Process is to identify the details about the windows process before understanding its nature. Windows Process Names, as given in the Windows Task Manager, often do not convey much information about process, and you have to rely on Google for searching more information about that process.

To make your life easier, ProcessLibrary.com offers you to get this information absolutely free, with a single click right from within your Windows Task manager.

It displays a small icon right besides the name of the process, and a click on that icon takes you to a page, where you get a detailed information about the process.

See the screenshot.

The best part is that ProcessLibrary.com maintains a list of thousands of Windows Processes to look at and their database is regularly updated to include the information about the latest processes.

[Download ProcessQuickLink]