Firefox is my preferred browser due to it being an open source browser with ever increasing base of firefox addons.

A few days back we had presented five useful keyboard shortcuts for running your firefox shortcuts. Here we present yet another set of five useful shortcut keys for firefox, which will make you less dependent on your mouse and more on your keyboard, making you work faster.

5. Backspace: Go Back one page in your browser history.

It replaces your browser’s “back button”. Excellent useful shortcut.

4. F11: Expand to Full Screen view, toggle action.

It hides your title bar, menu bar, address bar, and status bar and thus

3. CTRL-K: Move cursor to Google bar to searchMOdern browsers know the use of Search fanctions and thus all of them incorporate Search engines within the browsers window itself. With this keyboard shortcut, you don’t require mouse click to move to the search form.

2. F5: Refresh the current web page

If your page fails to fully load, or you need to update the weather report or sports score on your page, simply use this classic f5 keyboard tool

1. CTRL-D: Bookmark the current page

Simple but effective.