This blog has earlier carried a post on how to Restore last session in Firefox. Firefox restores session automatically, which you had opened last time, in case of system crash or some unexpected errors. But this tip explained how you can do that every time you open firefox.

But after that post, I had received mixed reactions.

A few of my readers have appreciated that cool tip and found that very useful. But yesterday, I was contacted by a reader, who found this feature bothering him too much. He even wanted to get rid off the built-in feature of Firefox, where it prompts you to restore firefox session after it had closed due to some unexpected error or a system crash. So, how to do that.

How to get rid off Firefox Restore Session Dialog Box


This is even easier. You just have to change the value of the browser.sessionstore.enabled flag. It’s easy.

firefox restore session

  • Type about:config in your Firefox Address bar.
  • Select browser.sessionstore.enable
  • Double click to change the setting to false

Simple. Now you will no longer get the Firefox Restore Session Dialog Box.