Auto Lock Computer Screen – The Need

If you are working in an environment, where you have to leave your computer on for a few minutes and you are worried that somebody might access your computer and get information, then you have some windows options, which will auto lock your computer. They will require the person to enter the user password to get the access.

However many times, the passwords are not secure. There may be keyloggers installed on your computer. There may be some malware infections, which can transmit the stored username and passwords to a remote location, or something like that.

In such a  situation, you might consider to use a hardware lock for your computer. And using your USB stick as your computer lock might be a great idea for locking computer screen.

Predetor – Use USB to Auto Lock Computer Screen

Predator is an innovative way to to implement this. This is a small freeware (for personal non-commercial use) utility which can be downloaded from the Predator Site. With this, your USB acts as a hardware lock, and whenever you are going away from your computer, just take your USB stick away with you and your computer will get locked.

And the best part is that all other files stored on the USB are intact and can be used just as previous.

What Happens If Somebody Tries To Get Access to the Computer

The keyboard and mouse are inoperative, the intruder cannot do much. If she presses Ctrl-Alt-Del she gets the Windows session management dialog, but without the option of opening the task manager. If she hits the keyboard 3 times, PREDATOR displays the password dialog and she will have 20 seconds and 3 tries to guess your password.

After this delay, the alarm will be triggered. After entering the 3rd wrong password, the alarm will also be triggered and it will not be possible to try again during 5 minutes. In both cases, the transaction will be recorded in the log.

[Download Predator]