safe internet browserFirefox is the default Internet web browser for the millions of “informed netizens”, who care for their security and privacy. I have been using Firefox as my primary browser for the last three years ever since I started blogging. And apart from its security and safety feature in this safe internet browser, what I like most is its open source nature, which allows hundreds and thousands of independent developers to work over it and develop third party plugins, extensions and addons to customize the web browser to all individual needs.

Firefox Now Informs You About Unsecured Software and Applications

Firefox has been able to update itself by detecting the availability of the latest version. But now the deal has become even sweeter. With the latest versions of Firefox, it now informs you about the unsecured versions of various other software components and applications, which you might have on your computer.

In this post on Mozilla Blog, Johnathan Nightingale writes about how Mozilla is able to detect and warn the users if their version of the popular Adobe Flash Player plugin is out of date. You may already be aware that old versions of adobe flash player can cause crashes and other stability problems, and can also be a significant security risk.

But the best part is that many people, estimated to be about 1 million in the first week itself, were successfully pursuaded to upgrade their version of flash to the latest version and mitigate the potential security threat

Three Cheers for Firefox, the safest Internet Web Browser.

If you are still using Internet Explorer, we recommend you switching to Firefox for safety and Goocle Chrome for speed.