foxfire addonsFirefox is known for its addons. They provide you the flexibility and customization, which makes foxfire a near-perfect browser (I know nothing is perfect). If you have not yet switched to Firefox, the preferred browser of millions, then .

But there are two sides of the coin. And foxfire addons are no exception.

If they make your life comfortable, they also make your browser window a cluttered space, with every new addition demanding its own space, leaving little for the actual web page.

How to get more desktop space

For this, follow these tips.

  1. Hide all the unnecessary toolbars, which are not in use at present. You may not be willing to remove all the installed toolbars, but be honest, you certainly don’t need all of them simultaneously. Why not hide the unused one for now. If you need them later, you can unhide that. [e.g. your StubleUpon toolbar]
  2. Customize the toolbars, and remove all the buttons, which you don’t use often. For customization, you can use View > Toolbars > Customization.
  3. Merge the toolbars. This will save more space for you.
  4. Use smaller icons for your buttons. This option in the form of a check box is available in the Customization window, which you got in step 2 above.
  5. And finally, Use TinyMenu. This is a firefox extension, which rearranges the menu bar in a vertical drop down menu. The rest of the space in the menu bar can be used for merging other toolbars. TinyMenu is really useful. I love it.

tinymenu foxfire addon