Scribefire is a nice Firefox addon, which acts as a free blog writer tool. You can add multiple blogs to Surefire and choose the one which you want to post. The best part of Surefire is that since it is a Firefox browser plugin, it gives you the opportunity to surf the net while posting.

There are few quick points, which I observed while using Surefire for a few minutes.

  • It does not allow the option for the links to open in a new window. You have to manually add target=“_blank”.
  • There seems to be no option to wrap the text around the inserted images.
  • Nice features of changing the size and colors of the text.
  • ScribeFire gives you the option of inserting Technorati tags and using the same tags for as well as inserting trackback URLs.

Overall a nice web tool for those who want to post quickly and cannot afford to open a separate application away from their browser window.